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Refrigerated Trawlers
Principal Dimensions  
Length Overall
16.78 m.
Breadth Moulded
5.18 m.
Depth Moulded
2.75 m.
2.50 m.

General Character
HULL FORM : Round Bilge hull form, flare bow, rake stem, flush type deck and transform type stern with extended skeg Keel.   
MATERIALS  : As per the acceptable standards of  Integrated Fisheries Project.
STRUCTURE SCANTELINGS  : As per the acceptable International standards.
COMPARTMENTS  : 6 compartments with 5 WT bulkheads as fore peak, crew accommodation,  -30oC  Blast freezer, -30oC Refrigerated Fish hold, engine room and aft peak. Elevated steering system above deck .  
STEERING &  RUDDER : Mechanical operated steering and rudder system
MAIN ENGINE : Cummins make, model N - 743 - M marine diesel engine developing 195 HP @ 1800 RPM , with all accessories.
GEAR BOX  : KPC make , model MG - 509  (STD) hydraulic Gear box having 2:1 reduction ratio, with all accessories.
STERN GEAR : Water lubricated Stern Gear unit, with all its accessories.
PROPELLER : Fixed 4 bladed propeller, with its accessories.
GUARANTEED SPEED : Guaranteed speed of 10 Knots.
G.M : Comfortable G.M. under all condition of operating.
INSPECTION & APPROVAL  : Built under drawing approval, Stage inspection, approval, test  and trials of Indian Register of  Shipping.
STATUTORY SURVEY : Port Office , Kavaratti 
PORT OF REGISTRY  : Port Office , Kavaratti, MFV Act .
INTENDED SERVICES  : For all weather Deep Sea multipurpose Fishing and on board freezing and refrigeration storage of catch.





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